Fawn Larson

Atmospheric Americana

Fawn Larson is an Americana indie rock musician with a story to tell. Relentless yet soft-spoken, her songs leave the listener wanting more – more connection, more home, more yearning, more desire. A strikingly eloquent singer-songwriter, her voice and sound deliver on themes that speak to falling in love, reclaiming old truths, and the pain of letting go. She has sold out venues and attracted audiences that hang onto her every word. Her upcoming full-length album “Loose Hand” promises to bring more of the raw and honest sound that Larson has become known for across the South and beyond.

Born in Louisiana and residing in Nashville, her music is influenced by the dance halls, street jazz, and sticky summer bluegrass sounds of Cajun country. But her unique expression transcends genre and lands in a place of gritty rock and smooth lyricality, all with a vulnerability that honors her folk roots. Her band, Fawn Larson & the Fringe is piano and electric guitar driven, featuring lush three-part harmonies that get under your skin in the most delicate way. 

While her music is deeply connected to the places that formed her, her talent has a much broader reach. She has received national and international airplay and acclaim, being featured in movies such as "The Shelter” in 2015 (directed by John Fallon, starring Michael Pare) and “We Made This Movie” in 2012 (directed by Rob Burnett for David Letterman’s production company). She has also been honored with an award for “Best Original Music” from the Louisiana Addy Awards, for an LA Specs commercial.
With her previous album, The Sway (2015), and now with “Loose Hand” (2018), Larson shows that while growth brings change, it also reveals the depth and beauty of human experience. Her music stays true to that transformation, bringing us along on an intensely personal yet universal journey. With her talent for beautifully distilling the collective soul through her music, Fawn Larson has only just begun to reveal the extent of her gift.                                                                                                                                                                                    


-words courtesy of Joanna Brown