Fawn Larson

Americana / Alt-Country / Indie Rock

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FAWN LARSON & THE FRINGE is a Nashville-based Americana Rock band.  They hit hard with a no holds barred type of intensity and vulnerability. Fawn Larson & The Fringe takes listeners on a journey, blending emotions as seamlessly as they blend genres.  Captivating crowds with tales of joy, heartbreak and all of the in between, they put on a musically stunning show without sacrificing lyrical sensibilities.  The band brings a unique blend of talent from its 4 members: Fawn Larson on vocals, guitar, and harmonica; Christine Moad on electric bass and harmony vocals; Jesse Correll on keyboards and harmony vocals; and Darren Darling on drums. 


“Fawn Larson’s debut solo album, The Sway, demonstrates a mastery of instruments and hauntingly beautiful vocals. Each listen brings with it a new feeling. Some moments reach out and touch you immediately, but others are found after a few listens. Fawn Larson’s vocals range from deep and evocative to bright and fun, and her lyrics transport the listener on their own journey as they experience each song. No one genre truly captures the sound of this singer-songwriter.An utterly transformative album, Fawn Larson’s music lingers long after the listen.”

-words courtesy of Megan Wyatt

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